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SEPTEMBER 27th 2014


Introduced in 2006, the 'Steiff Summer' Teddy bear workshops have become one of the highlights at Steiff Summer, the annual international festival held in Giengen. We are grateful to Ian Munro, Steiff's director of International Sales, for extending the experience to our customers here in Witney this year.


Upon arrival . . .

You will receive a partly-made, jointed, mohair, Classic Teddy bear. Your first name or a name of your choice plus the date of the workshop will already be sewn on the Teddy bear’s left foot pad. The 'Steiff Summer' Logo will be sewn on the right foot pad.


With the help of experienced Steiff staff, you will personalise your bear . . .


. . . . firstly by choosing the colour, shape and size of the bear's mouth, nose and claws. (The many different colours can be used singly or combined) . . .  


. . .  and then the eyes. By selecting from different colours and sizes, you will see how the tiniest of differences have a huge impact on your Teddy bear’s character.


The bear's body can then be fully stuffed (with pure wood wool) and the back seam sewn and finished.


Once the printed ribbon is tied, your Teddy bear will be clearly recognisable as a Steiff Summer Workshop Teddy Bear 2014. . . and, lastly, the final touch when a golden Steiff button and white tag will be attached to your Teddy bear's left ear.


You are then free to take your special printed Steiff apron and a Teddy bear certificate home with you.


You are welcome to bring a partner or friend to enjoy the experience with you.











Teddy Bears of Witney 2014 Catalogue

 Our 132-page   2014 catalogue  is now available. It features a remarkable 400
bears, mostly limited editions exclusive to us. 

There is a wealth of choice – by Steiff, Merrythought and other leading manufacturers.

There are nine amazing new replicas in the Old Witney Favourites series and nearly 200 bears by
the world’s finest artists.

You can order the catalogue online (click on ‘Buying Bears’) or telephone or email us for further

 Please click on
‘All Bears’ and then scroll down to ‘Teddy Bears of Witney’ for our Old Witney

You will find more surprises by clicking on All Bears 

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Old Witney Favourite

Little Ted
Old Witney Favourite